The ARETE STEM mobile applications focus on learning geometry and geography in several ways with Augmented Reality through :

•content visualization

•interaction with 3D Augmented elements

•content exploration

•visual presentation of abstract subjects & information

•gamified multi-user knowledge testing.

Developed for primary school students (8-11y.o.) & primary school teachers.

ARETE Geography helps you to explore continents, flora, fauna, heritage, weather, time zones, magnetic fields, age of discovery, planet Earth, space and more. The app is accompanied with workbooks and map of the world.

ARETE Geometry showcases shapes in 2D and 3D, construction of 3D realities, basic formulae, arithmetical calculations, fractions and more. The app should be used with workbooks and building blocks.

ARETE STEM apps can

•Foster collaboration among students,

•Increase students ‘engagement’ in learning STEM subjects.

•Support inclusion of students who are at risk of being marginalized.

•Schools might lack resources (devises, licences, etc.) to make the apps available to teachers and students.

•Schools might lack adequate IT support for teachers and students.

•Teachers might lack time to fully integrate the use of the apps in their everyday teaching.

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