Objective 1: To develop and evaluate the effectiveness of an interactive AR content toolkit 

ARETE will ensure that an interactive AR content toolkit will be developed for the creation of 3D objects based on AR standards. ARETE toolkit will design and implement the AR/3D data repositories for storage and retrieval during the lifespan of the project and beyond.

ARETE will create standards-compliant AR/3D data infrastructures for educational purposes to ensure applicability, reproducibility, interoperability, accessibility and sustainability.

Objective 2: To apply human-centred interaction design for ARETE ecosystem (linked to WP3 & WP5)

ARETE will identify, update and integrate on an ongoing basis, user-based insights into designing and developing AR content for the pilot studies.

The interaction design within ARETE will enable different stakeholders to use the AR technology with ease and positive experience for meeting their needs, preferences, and goals, leading to its high adoption and stimulating its creative uses.

Objective 3: To pilot and evaluate the effectiveness of AR interactive technologies (linked to WP4, WP5 & WP6)

The ARETE ecosystem, which comprises of AR emerging technologies, main platform, training platform, mobile app and a multi-lingual interface will be piloted. Students and EU citizens (i.e. 3000+ in EU member states) will participate in three different pilot studies.

The ecosystem will be piloted at “γ-phase”, focusing on assessing the impact of the AR content within professional and private contexts (students, teachers, educational technologists). Stakeholders will utilise the effectiveness of the ecosystem through the evaluation of specific skill sets and behaviours (STEM; English literacy skills; and impact of Positive Behaviour Support in Schools – PBIS).

Objective 4: To communicate, disseminate and exploit the project results (linked to WP1, WP6 & WP7)

ARETE promotes project awareness and progress details to the wider and targeted markets. In this light, a scientific, societal and economic focused dissemination and market outreach campaign is well-formulated. In this context, we adapt a three-phase dissemination and market out-reach approach to achieve this objective for take up for beyond the life of the project.