The PBIS-AR app allows primary school students to experience AR in behavioral lessons. The PBIS-AR app supports teachers in teaching and reinforcing expected behaviors and makes the learning of a behavioral expectation a more engaging and attractive augmented experience for students. The PBIS-AR app is composed of the teach, discovery, and practice sections:

  • The teach section allows students to see the 3D characters as actors, modelling an expected behavior to be learned. A set of nine behavioral lessons is listed from which the teacher can choose. Once a behavioural lesson has been selected, the student is shown a list of AR behavioral resources. The student selects the behavioral resource to play according to the teacher's instructions.

  • The discovery section engages students in an AR quiz game. Students look for markers placed in various locations around the school, and by framing them, they are asked to observe expected and unexpected behavior and answer questions whose correct answers earn points and advance in the game and in the ranking.

  • The practice section enables students to role play together with others in a multi-user interaction AR learning activity.

The PBIS-AR app provides students with a more immersive and realistic experience, allowing them to move freely and explore the scene from different viewpoints through the display of a mobile device.

A package of 9 behavioral lessons in English, Italian, and Dutch was developed, with a collection of 30 AR behavioral resources for the following behavioral expectations:

  1. Greet others
  2. Walk with a goal
  3. Keep your hands/feet to yourself
  4. Keep your working space organized
  5. Store your belonging
  6. Help others with questions
  7. Work independently at your desk
  8. Stand up for others
  9. Let others be

See deliverable 5.3 of the ARETE project to know the PBIS lessons targeting general/all settings and classroom setting social skills.

Take a look at this video to learn how the students have  an AR experience with the PBIS-AR app

For more information about the project and interest in the topic, please feel free to contact the following contact persons:


Sui Lin Goei, project manager ARETE-NL VU Teacher Academy

Giuseppe Chiazzese, project investigator ARETE-IT Italian National Research Council, Institute for Education Technologies