What is this pilot about?

Pilot 4 aims to accelerate the uptake of AR in education, by providing an authoring tool and learning management system to teachers. We believe that introduction at scale requires to put tailored authoring tools in the hands of teachers to support the production of bespoke AR learning experiences for the mainstream as well as for the Long Tail.


The MirageXR platform is user-friendly and does not require any prior AR experience. Participation is on a voluntary basis, as a choice under free will.


Target Group

we are looking for teachers who:

  • have a good level of English language (B2 in Reading and B1 in Writing + Speaking)
  • are pre-service or in-service teachers
  • are willing to participate
  • have an AR-compatible iOS2 or Android3 phone or tablet

The outcome

With this pilot study (ARETE Pilot 4), we seek to evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively, in which ways and how well our authoring toolkit supports teachers in designing XR learning experiences.


AR in Education

ARETE aims to:

  • Develop, integrate and disseminate interactive technology via AR methods building a pan-European competitive ecosystem.
  • Strengthen the research and industrial capacities in Europe to develop future interactive devices and content for education.
  • Support the existing effort to seek opportunities offered by multi-user interactions with AR technologies in education.
  • Within the three pilot studies, ARETE evaluates the effectiveness and impact of disruptive AR in education.


The ARETE Project Pilot 4 is evaluating novel AR interactive technologies for teaching. The data we gather from this project would help design and develop more effective and efficient digital education solutions and contribute to improving XR Open Educational Resources.