ARETE Project 2022 Review


Dear ARETE members and stakeholders, 


We hope that you are all well and enjoyed the Christmas break! As we begin the year, we would like to thank everyone for their remarkable efforts towards the ARETE project. The ARETE project has almost come to an end, it will be finished in April 2023. In the last 36 months especially during the Covid situation, it has been an exceptional challenge for the ARETE project. However, the ARETE project has made very good progress in all Pilots’ implementation, produced excellent impact on various perspectives and achieved all the actions and activities according to the project plan. 


In the last three years, the team delivered 42 deliverable reports, 3 milstones and 3 periodic reports to the EC. The team has held 7 General Assembly and 11 Project Steering Committee meetings. The consortium has met twice this year in Dublin, Ireland and Durham, UK. The ARETE project has successfully undergone the second project review in June this year. The feedback from the reviewers was extremely positive. So far, the Pilot 1 Using Augmented Reality to Facilitate Teaching English Literacy Skills , Pilot 2 Augmented Reality as Efficient Tool for STEM Information Retention and Pilot 4 Teaching with eXtended Reality – Evaluating the MirageXR Authoring Tool were finished and we are analysing the results at the moment. The Pilot 3 Augmented Reality for promoting Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) will finish the intervention in February 2023, followed by data analysis.  


Another highlight of the ARETE project in the year was Standards led by Prof Eleni Mangina and Prof Fridolin Wild who won the Standards+Innovation Research Project Award 2022 from CEN/CENELEC.


The ARETE project also has attracted a lot of attention from different stakeholders, our Twitter channel has over 360 followers and the LinkedIn account has over 260 connections. All our dissemination activities can be found from the ARETE website and ARETE Zenodo Community. The ARETE project also planned a lot of exciting and fruitful dissemination activities in the next four months. We hope that you can continue to support and contribute to the ARETE project. 


Of course, the above summary cannot truly capture everything that has happened to the ARETE team members, as a lot of collaborative activities and contributions have occurred during the past 36 months. Hence, we hope you will forgive the omission of several activities and success stories that could have been included above. We are proud of what we have achieved in 2022. Finally, we also would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and peaceful Christmas, and a Happy New Year. We would like to thank you for your hard work and support during 2022. 


With very best wishes,

Professor Eleni Mangina and Dr Na Li

(ARETE Project Coordinator)