Workshop on The Future of XR: Current ecosystem and upcoming opportunities


Jointly organized with the ARETE project and the iv4XR project, a workshop entitled “The Future of XR: Current ecosystem and upcoming opportunities” has been held online on 27th of May 2021. The workshop has received a lot of interest with over 60 registrations coming from the H2020 project representatives, European Commission project officers and other professionals who are interested in working with immersive technologies.


The workshop was organized in two parts, including the H2020 project presentations and round table discussions. The H2020 project presentations included speakers from ARETE, iv4XR, PRIME-VR2, PRIME-VR2, TACTILITY, HOLOBALANCE, AbleGames, AI4EU, AR4CUP, VR4Rehab, Mindtooth, VAM realitites, FátimaToolkit and Virtual Reality Ireland research projects. The remainder of the workshop featured two breakout discussions focusing on the H2020 project dissemination plans and opportunities in the Horizon Europe Pillar II Global Challenges and European industrial Competitiveness.


Pictured below are the participants of the Workshop.


The organisers of the workshop are Dorleta García, Vicomtech (ARETE WP7 lead) and Marta Couto, GAIPS - INESC-ID (iv4XR).