Moodle plugin for Augmented Reality learning activities


The ARETE ARLEM repository plugin fits Moodle with web services and a user interface to create, store, retrieve, view, and assign IEEE P1589-2020 conform Augmented Reality learning activities. Users can publish their activities to the Moodle server publicly, or keep them private, and subsequently roll them out to learners in courses. The plugin has a build-in JSON validator to help verify whether the activities authored meet the IEEE P1589-2020 standard for Augmented Reality Learning Experience Models. Moreover, the plugin provides editing facilities so that users can update the AR learning contents including their activity and environment model, contained 3D models, audio recordings, videos, etc. The plugin is designed to be used with a IEEE P1589-2020 compliant authoring tool and player app, for example, the Open Source MirageXR. With the help of such app, users can create and edit Augmented Reality learning experiences in the real world, and then upload and store them in Moodle to release to learners in their courses. Similarly, Moodle serves ARLEM-compliant player apps so learners can retrieve and launch their learning activities – both scheduled ones as part of courses or self-directed as part of the open pool.

Download Release v1.0