Augmented Reality – “Born 1968”


Augmented Reality (AR) was first introduced by Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Harvard University, Ivan Sutherland, and Bob Sproull, one of his students, in 1968. The duo invented the “Sword of Damocles”, regarded as the “first virtual reality and augmented reality head-mounted 3D display system.

Quote: When asked, "How could you possibly have done the first interactive graphics program, the first non-procedural programming language, the first object oriented software system, all in one year?" Ivan replied: "Well, I didn't know it was hard."

Quote: “I never thought much about the future. I couldn’t imagine what people would do with this thing. I just did it because it was interesting and seemed possible.”

Who could have imagined that this would lead to creating and experiencing unbelievable advances in computer graphics technology today?