Bring ARevolution in your teaching with the ARETE Pilot 1!



Pilot 1: Using Augmented Reality to Facilitate English Literacy Attainment

ARETE is running an exciting study to investigate how Augmented Reality (AR) technologies can help students improve their English literacy skills. To study the impact of AR technologies on English literacy attainment, ARETE Pilot 1 will test a unique application, provided by WordsWorthLearning. The application was developed by a Consulting Speech & Language Therapist with over 30 years clinical experience and who is a specialist in resolving specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia. We believe that the integration of more AR features into an already proven WWL programme, will result in even further gains in literacy attainments and make the learning process more fun for those participating.

European Schoolnet will need 38 English teachers or Special Needs Assistants of pupils in the 4th-6th grade of primary school (aged between 9 and 12 years old in September 2021), who typically underperform in standardised English literacy tests, to participate in ARETE Pilot 1 activities. We are looking for teachers who are active in schools where English is the main teaching language and come from EU and H2020 associated countries. Moreover, teachers should feel comfortable communicating in English, be digital savvy and keen on applying technology in their teaching.

All the teachers participating in ARETE Pilot 1 will receive educational products and access to software free of charge. Moreover, at the end of the pilot, every teacher will be provided with a report concerning his/her classroom progress made during the pilot. In addition to that, all the pilot participants will gain unique experience of implementing augmented reality in the classroom. For more information about the activities and the role of Pilot 1 teachers, the selection criteria and the aim of this pilot, please read the ARETE-Pilot-1-Call-for-PT-briefing.


All applications must be submitted in English.


  • The final selection of teachers will be validated by the Ministries of Education in the corresponding countries. EUN will not enter into any detailed discussions or exchanges with any applicant as to why their application was not successful.
  • Selected teachers will be responsible for getting any permissions from the school necessary for their involvement in the ARETE Pilot 1 and the completion of the tasks outlined above.
  • To carry out the activities between September 2021 and June 2022, each selected teacher will be requested to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with EUN, which will include: 1) the description of tasks and benefits for pilot teachers, students and parents; 2) the description and purpose of the research being carried out within ARETE Pilot 1; 3) data management provisions, namely storing the consent forms of pupils and parents.