ARETE Pilot 1 Open Call for teacher coordinators


About Pilot 1


European Schoolnet is recruiting 2 primary school English teachers or Special Needs Assistants of pupils in the 4th-6th grade of primary school (aged between 9 and 12 years old) to start in January 2021. The selectees must be active in schools where English is the main teaching language from EU and H2020 associated countries. Their aim will be to coordinate the teachers participating in the ARETE Pilot 1 activities and to participate in this pilot themselves.

The ARETE Pilot 1 studies the effects of implementing WordsWorthLearning’s interactive augmented reality (WWL-AR) solutions for teaching and learning English language literacy, with primary school students typically underperforming in English language literacy tests.

You will be one of 40 teachers participating in this pilot from across Europe. You will receive the software and tools needed for participating in the project from project coordinator. For research purposes, there will be standardized assessment conducted to collect the data from teachers and students typically underperforming in English language literacy after the use of WWL-AR app related to improving English literacy. This data will be compared with the similar assessment conducted in the control group, who did not use Augmented Reality solutions for improving English literacy. The goal of this research is to understand whether Augmented Reality supports the learning of English literacy skills and helps to keep interest in learning English longer as well as retain the information long term.

For more information about the activities of Pilot 1 teacher coordinators, the selection criteria for this call and the aim of this pilot, please read this document: ARETE Pilot 1 TC Call briefing


  • The final selection of teachers will be validated by the Ministries of Education in the corresponding countries. EUN will not enter any detailed discussions or exchanges with any applicant as to why their application was not successful.
  • Selected teachers will be responsible for getting any permissions from the school necessary for their involvement in the ARETE Pilot and the completion of the tasks outlined above.
  • To carry out the activities between January 2021 and June 2022, the selected teachers will be requested to sign an agreement with EUN [November 2020].




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You can use the suggested Facebook and Twitter messages for dissemination by referring to the Pilot 1 Promotional Package.