Standardization within ARETE project


ARETE is implemented and demonstrated through the support of three (3) pilot studies, which are designed to enable the transformation of ways students and teachers communicate, share information and interact, as outlined by the specific challenge of ICT-25-2018-2020.  ARETE consortium will ensure that the interactive AR content toolkit developed for the creation of 3D objects is based on current standards. ARETE toolkit will design and implement the AR/3D data repositories for storage and retrieval during the lifespan of the project and beyond. ARETE will create standards-compliant AR/3D data infrastructures for educational purposes to ensure applicability, reproducibility, interoperability, accessibility and sustainability.

Standardization is the process of implementing and developing technical standards based on the consensus of different parties that includes companies, users, project members, interest groups and standards organizations collectively functioning to maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability or quality through the standardization process.  ARETE is an ecosystem that takes full advantage of the technological advancements in the field of AR to lay the foundation for a ground-breaking approach for competitive and sustainable interactive technologies with pilots’ evaluation in educational settings. The consortium has already engaged with current standards organizations and working groups including:

  • ETSI ENI Architecture: AI for robust and manageable systems and applications
  • ETSI ISG Augmented Reality Framework
  • IEEE Standards Association
    • IEEE Adaptive Instructional System (AIS) Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
    • IEEE P2881™ - Standard for Learning Metadata
    • IEEE P2048 Working Group on VR/AR Standards
    • IEEE P1228 Software Safety (WG on HCI)
  • ISO 9241-11:2018 Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 11: Usability: Definitions and concepts
  • ISO 9241-210 - 2019 version: Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems

Our approach investigates the nature and effect of the emerging AR technologies through EU stakeholders, which include hackathons, workshops, training platform and the draft CEN CWA standards document, where qualitative and quantitative feedback is obtained to further advance the suitability and fitness of purpose of ARETE ecosystem. We have engaged with the “Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE” ( for the development of the ARETE CEN/CWA prestandards’ documents at the end of the project. Engagement with European Standards body, CEN/CENELEC, as well as the International Organization for Standardization, national standards bodies and standardization working committees is to the forefront of our consortium activities.

Professor Eleni Mangina

ARETE Project Coordinator