Questionnaires to collect experiences and expectations


What do you want from an Augmented Reality app? What are your wishes but also possible restrictions? How can AR be integrated into your learning and teaching to support you as much as possible? 

To make sure the apps that are being developed in the ARETE project match the requirements and expectations of our target groups, we are listening to them. We collect information about their background, Augmented Reality usage in general, the most recently used AR app for teaching or learning, available equipment at school, likes and dislikes when it comes to AR applications, and so on. The insights gained this way will help us to shape, design, and develop the apps for our pilot studies. To collect the information we have created three different questionnaires, for primary and secondary school students as well as for teachers. 

We are currently in the progress of translating those questionnaires into different languages, ready for distribution. If you want the voices of you and your students or children being heard, please watch this space and our social media channels (Twitter:, Facebook:, or LinkedIn: for updates.