ARETE project presented at the Workshop on Interactive Technologies


The ARETE project coordinator Prof Eleni Mangina from University Colleague Dublin (UCD) has been invited to attend the Interactive Technologies workshop organized by the European Commission on Friday 26 June 2020.

The objectives of the workshop were twofold:

First, to get back in touch with the project coordinators during the exceptional situation caused by the COVID19 outbreak;

Then, to give the project coordinators the opportunity to pitch their project, to share best practices, to network with others, and to identify possible future collaborations; To share insights on future or current solutions that are capable of coping with the current situation and/or what will come after the end of the pandemic.

During the workshop, Prof Eleni Mangina gave an introduction to the ARETE project and provided insights on emerging opportunities arising from the COVID-19 crisis for XR technology, and on current or future XR solutions that are particularly well adapted to meet the new challenges of a post-COVID-19 world. The ARETE project consortium partner Prof Fridolin Wild from Open University, UK and the ARETE project manager Dr Na Li from UCD also participated in the workshop.

The workshop was a big success. It was a good opportunity to gather coordinators from ongoing and recently ended projects dealing with Interactive Technologies. It was interesting to see that Interactive Technologies have proved powerful in different domains.

The COVID19 pandemic has affected and continues to affect working and learning around the globe. It brings a unique opportunity to showcase how technologies can help in these unprecedented circumstances. The EU-funded ARETE project aims to support pan-European interactive technologies efforts both in industry and academia, through multi-user interactions with AR technologies that have been evaluated in professional and private contexts.