Augmented Reality Engineering: a career explained


One of the objectives of the ARETE project is to be able to explain not only what Augmented Reality is, but most specifically, its applications and translations into the real world. The TIWI Teaching ICT With Inquiry Project, prepared a series of online career articles featuring ICT role models in order to explain what ICT jobs may look like. The aim of the articles is to encourage and inspire students to learn more about computers and programming. On this regard, Augmented Reality Engineer Richard Antoine was featured as Gameplay Developer at Myoken Studios.

Becoming an Augmented Reality Engineer requires a varied set of skills and knowledge relying on computer science and software engineering. An important feature in AR development and 3D Technology is to deal simultaneously with the analysis, synthesis and animation of images or 3D objects, as these aspects are complementary and give rise to joint applications.

The Augmented & Virtual Reality sector has a brightening future as this twin technology can help many sectors combine efficiency with dynamism and interaction. Some of the jobs in AR are:

  • Software Engineer
  • 3D game developer
  • Technical Architect AR
  • Augment Reality Designer/Developer

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