Stakeholder Workshop on Digital Education (March 2020)


Experts from all over Europe and from a wide range of domains related to digital education discussed last month in Brussels the future of digital education and learning during the stakeholder workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to identify the strengths, as well as gaps in the advancement of digital education, and how to implement best practises in digital technologies to support teaching and learning in the digital age.

The main challenges in the current landscape of “Digital Education in Europe” include: “Teachers’ Engagement”, “Parents’ Involvement”, “Content Availability”, “Cultural Aspects”, “Sustainability” and “Access to technology”.

The event focused on the revision of the digital education action plan; current projects for H2020; future EU work and digital opportunities for traineeships.

Future initiatives were identified and included efforts to incentivise and encourage teachers to learn and adopt new technologies within the delivery of curriculum; vocational training of parents for informal setting of teaching and learning; development of multilingual content for digital education taking into account different cultural approaches towards contemporary education; development of a sustainable model based on standards for the provision of digital education and the development of tools and technologies for remote and rural settings in Europe.

UCD as coordinator of ARETE H2020 project, participated at the event and now more than ever with the ongoing spread of Covid19 pandemic affecting working and learning models around the globe, the importance and need of digital education becomes relevant to everyone. With teaching and learning abrupt transformation through virtual medium(s) can provide an avenue to identify the gaps and limitations of existing technologies and investigate the impact of emerging technologies (AR/VR) within the educational settings.

We need to think what technology has proven to deliver under these unprecedented circumstances... we need to re-evaluate contemporary education...