Interacting with AR: Looking into past and future


How will end-users, especially pupils / students and teachers, interact with Augmented Reality in general and the ARETE apps in particular in the future? The strategy of the University of Leicester ARETE team to find answers for this general question is twofold: looking into the past and looking into the future.

To learn from the past we are looking into existing literature, performing a systematic literature review. That means we do not just randomly discover and read interesting scientific papers published by researchers in our area, related to the initial question. Instead we follow a methodical approach, scanning and filtering all possibly interesting sources to identify, classify, and analyse the relevant literature in our research are. Lessons learned from those scientific papers can then inspire and inform the work of our industry partners when designing, implementing, and re-working their applications.
In addition to looking back we also look ahead. To get and develop an idea of the future interactions with the ARETE apps, we sketch this future by working with mock-ups of the interfaces and discussing scenarios describing the interactions between our target groups and the ARETE apps. Stay tuned to see the development of the different applications over time.
If you are an educator or learner and would like to get involved in shaping the future of the ARETE apps, please get in contact with Matthias Heintz (