Edu-innovation for teachers: teaching with AR


Augmented Reality (AR) is at the forefront of the debate on how to improve education with the use of new technologies. As Europe is set to become a global leader in VR and AR, Augmented Reality is considered to be one of the candidates for the education of the future.

It is here that teachers are most needed and are the key in successfully implementing AR in forthcoming educational programs. Training teachers is thus the first and most important step into making AR an interactive component in the classroom. ARETE will be work closely with primary school teachers across Europe and support them in developing the necessary technological competences to apply interactive teaching of Literacy skills in English, STEM, and Positive Behaviour Intervention within three pilot studies. Apart from pragmatic data which will be analysed to study the effectiveness and efficiency of AR in the classroom, stimulating qualities such as attractiveness, immersion, enjoyment, and engagement will also be evaluated. The goal is to reach thousands of students across Europe, whose teachers will have the chance to apply the learning methodology needed to successfully integrate AR in education.

Within the three pilot studies, ARETE will evaluate the effectiveness and impact of disruptive AR in education. Pilot 1, aiming to make both teaching and learning English language literacy more accessible and successful for those teachers and children engaged in the process, is expected to be delivered to over hundreds of students in Ireland, UK, Malta, and Cyprus. Pilot 2, focusing on the innovative and exciting way of learning geometry and geography through visualization and interaction, will target over 3,000 students in EU countries and in different languages . Pilot 3, focusing on the development of AR solutions, to be embedded within the context of the framework of Positive Behaviour Interventions, and Support, is expected to be delivered to more than 500 students across Italy and the Netherlands.

If you are a primary school teacher interested in experimenting with AR technologies in the classrooms, follow the ARETE social media for more information on how to join the ARETE movement!