ARETE PROJECT: Disruptive innovation in education – change is coming!


The aim of this EU funded Arete Project “Pilot 1” is to make the teaching and learning of English language literacy more accessible and successful for the teachers and primary school children engaged in the process. From previous experience and results from an earlier EU funded (AHA-ADHD) project, we have reason to believe there will be significant improvement in literacy attainment outcomes for those involved. Creating iOS and Android mobile APPs, using the content from our proven #WordsWorthLearning programme, and adding more Augmented Reality (AR) content, will provide an opportunity to introduce life changing ‘disruptive innovation’ in education for the following reasons:

Generation Alpha (or the iGeneration) - use smartphones and tablets naturally. These children were born in the era of iPhones, iPads, and applications. They don't know or can even imagine how life was without them. These are now the tools to deliver information and a platform for all levels of education.

AR in education has enormous potential - however technology alone is not the answer, it needs proven content that has a purpose – to educate.

Learn to read – read to Learn – no matter what, learning to read and spell competently is paramount to someone reaching their full potential in life.

We believe we are in the vanguard for helping children that have literacy difficulties - AR provides 3D animations for both simple and complex scenarios - it can help to convey ideas and concepts, as well as hard-to-understand steps like, for some, the rules and techniques required for learning to read and spell competently.

No more “one system fits all” - AR in education emphasises visualization and brings full immersion in the subject matter – the children with poor reading and spelling skills can be more engaged, which produces better academic outcomes.

Higher student engagement and interest. Interactive and gamified AR learning can also have a significant and positive impact on students. It keeps them engaged throughout the lesson and makes learning more fun, engaging and effortless.

David Ross

WordsWorthLearning – CEO