Augmented learning with CleverBook


The CleverBooks Team is very excited to be part of the ARETE project and disrupt the education sector with innovative AR resources with multi-user, gamification and adaptive learning features.

Schools are obliged to innovate and accommodate student's 21st-century digital learning demands. However, it is not enough to simply add technology to existing teaching methods. The pedagogical approach requires a shift where the technology is used strategically to benefit students and provide effective learning.

Augmented reality (AR) in the classroom is one of the revolutionary trends in the Top 5 technologies that are transforming the future education. The main focus of using AR technology is to develop children’s imagination where boring school subject suddenly brought to life, thus provide interactive and engaging learning.

CleverBooks is the global provider of AR resources for Education. Students can see, hear and touch the knowledge to get a better academic performance and develop skills needed for the 21st century workforce.

Meet the management team:

Darya Yegorina, Co-Founder of CleverBooks. Darya is a top influential global speaker on the topic of AR in Education and known as the promoter and facilitator of education technology for the best future of the kids in the world.

Inna Armstrong, Co-Founder and VP of CleverBooks. Inna strongly believes that with AR teachers can create an interactive and engaging learning environment and diversify students learning in the classroom and beyond.

CleverBooks vision is to help educators to embrace the curriculum of the future by providing cost-effective AR resources with a PROVEN impact. Resources that empower students learning, help to deliver the 21st-century skills, get the students ready for the future jobs and influencing future economic development.